About Haggerty Luxe Events

Haggerty Luxe Events is a One-Stop-Shop. We offer Upscale Private Dining, Event Planning, Design, and coordination For Luxurious Micro Weddings and Intimate Celebrations. We Specialize In Providing a Sophisticated Dining Experience For Our Clients. No Event Is Too Small. Our signature opulent, trendsetting, and elaborate décor has been The Talk of Los Angeles for the past five years.

The Haggerty Luxe brand is built on the principles of integrity, gratitude, and compassion for others. We connect with clients on a genuine, personal level to understand their vision and curate customized events that are truly authentic and unforgettable. We firmly believe that to whom much is given, much is required! So we use our platform for a greater purpose however and whenever we can. The Belief of Community is strong for us and never-ending. The memories that we help create, last a lifetime and beyond. 

We were founded by the one and only Chef Jeanette Haggerty known as “Chef Nette”. She Is A Graduate of the prestigious Le CorDon Bleu. Cooking is truly second nature for her. After graduating from Culinary School she worked in a bakery briefly then spent eight years honing her craft as a Garde Manger Chef At USC Galen Center. That Is Where Every Sauce And Spice Blend Was Birthed! Yes, Chef  Nette’s Gourmet Flava Rack was created while working for someone else but she didn’t know it would actually become a packaged Brand. She now offers an artisan blended low sodium spice line with marinades and more. 

While Chef Nette worked at The Galen Center she cooked for Many celebrities without receiving credit for doing so. Now our Celebrity clientele is growing. We don’t seek after fame but if it comes we’re prepared to handle it with wisdom and grace. 

This company is built on the strength of Family. We are owned by Bert and Jeanette Haggerty. They have worked side by side from the Start. Building an empire for the family. All employees are of family relation. We are family-owned and operated.

About Our Team

Haggerty Luxe Events Team

Chef Nette

Chef Nette has been cooking for more than 40 years. She is an accomplished author, businesswoman, and Black Queen. The Mother of Three Adult children and grandmother to one GrandJoy. Every Event You see is curated by her Hands. She’s the Lead Designer for our Events as well as the Executive Chef. Her flavor is Seasoned over every aspect of the business.

Bert Haggerty

Chief of operations and Husband to Chef Nette. He makes sure that every event is set up with purpose and efficiency. His 14 years of Event management has transformed the way we operate. Hardworking is a True understatement for what he does for the company.

Tiffany Reese

Dessert Liaison/Lead Design Consultant who is phenomenal with baking decorating and styling dessert bars. Her responsibilities go beyond dessert because we’re an Intimate Staff. She’s the right hand to Chef Nette! The clients and guests alike flock to her warm and charming aura. This Beauty is degreed in Fashion Design, Business Management As well as Graphic Design. Talented and educated beyond measure.

Tina Bell

Accounts Manager/Lead Design Consultant who manages every invoice and the books. She serves as the other hand of Chef Nette! Her ability to stay on task and budget is legendary. If we have to go out of town she makes sure to find the Best rates and Locations for us to stay and eat. A natural-born leader and workaholic that pushes the team to absolute greatness.

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